pcDuino3 / nano Debian SD image

Another A20 boards. The image is compiled from scratch, from the same kernel source as Cubieboards but patched due to different GMAC. Image is suitable for any micro SD card larger than 1G. First boot takes longer (around 45s) than usual (20s) because it regenerates SSH keys and resizes partition to fit your SD card. […]

Project name change

Since December 2013, when I started to deal with CLI Debian images and support them, things become … bigger. My prime motivation was only to build an working Linux image for some amateur based services. Project brought a lot of fun, a lot of new toys on my desk but also tears and frustrations. I […]

Udoo quad Debian SD image

Udoo is a Frescale iMx6 based board with an extra Arduino Due’s SAM3X on board. Here is a list of functions that are supported. Below is a known bug list and you are welcome to add your impressions and wishes.

Orange PI / mini Debian SD image

Orange PI is a Raspberry PI / Banana PI clone. It identifies as Banana PI so almost everything what works for Banana works for Orange. I made one special build – onboard wireless is operational – normal or AP mode. For using AP mode, change network configuration, example = /etc/network/interfaces.hostapd and add DAEMON_CONF=/etc/hostapd.conf to /etc/init.d/hostapd […]

Olimex Lime and Micro Debian SD image

After Cubieboard, Banana PI and Cubox-i/HB I decided to check up on industrial open-hardware boards from Olimex. I ended up with: Olimex Lime (A20-OLinuXino-LIME-4GB) and Lime 2 (A20-OLinuXIno-LIME2-4GB) which are both powered by A20. Both boards are equipped with 4G NAND and the main difference is RAM – 512 vs 1024Mb and V2 has gigabit […]

Cubieboard 4 is around

Allwinner A80 based Cubieboard 4 development board is available for order / pre-order in Europe for roughly 150 EUR + shipping. Thank you folks for support to get this board. I am already researching. Some short first insights: Android’s (on EmmC) performance is very good while factory Lubuntu on (SD card) is bad – kernel […]

Banana PI / PRO / R1 Debian SD image

After spending more than a year developing Debian for Cubieboard I decided to port this build to Banana PI / PRO. Since the board is based on the same SoC the process should be easy. This is theory but in reality: Ethernet is somehow different so we need kernel source patching and we have to […]

Cubox-i / Hummingboard Debian SD image

This is my second ARM toy that I am going to play with. The main goal is the same as with Cubieboard – to build and maintain headless stable base to deploy various services (web, mail, samba, …). Since the GPU drivers looks good I might extend it to graphics environment. The images are compiled […]

Cubieboard / Cubietruck Debian SD image

My goal is to build and maintain headless stable base to deploy various services (web, mail, samba, …). The images are compiled from scratch and sometimes patched if necessary. Images are suitable for any microSD card larger than 1G and can be installed to NAND or SATA. First boot takes longer time (around 2m) than […]

Micro home server

What kind of services do we usually need for home/personal usage? Having just a personal computer is long gone. We use tablets, smart phones, storage systems (NAS), … and with all those gadgets we access numerous on-line services. Mostly we consume but also produce some content – images, videos, writings. Therefore we establish a need […]