Getting back in shape

I am doing some crazy daily fast skating sessions on nearby ring this week. Technical and shape improvement. Just to be better prepared for some marathon later this year.

New Ljubljana stadium

Few days ago I peeked inside of yet another urgent and necessary realestate investition in town, stadium Stožice. Fine … city population can double now.

Wired road

This Saturday the City of Ljubljana held the 54th ‘Pot ob žici’, a walk around Ljubljana on the path that runs along the course of the barb wire fence which surrounded Ljubljana during World War II, when the Italian and later German occupying forces tried to prevent contacts between the city and its hinterland. The […]

Jesper Juul

[flickr style=”width: 300px;”]photo:4581280746(medium)[/flickr] Yesterday I attend cool and interesting lecture from world famous Danish family therapist and writer, Jesper Juul, author of a best selling book Your Competent Child. Worth to spend time.


[flickr style=”width: 300px;”]photo:4562577842(medium)[/flickr] We made a hike to Slavnik (1018m) last week. It was a sunny day with some wind on the top. Even our dog managed to get on.


[flickr style=”width: 300px;”]photo:4562497724(medium)[/flickr] During last week we made some short trip around Kärnten. Despite nice and sunny weather there were not many tourists in Wörthersee, Klopeinersee and Klagenfurt. Icecream on prime location is cheaper than in Ljubljana. I also successfully test my new skating gear.

Controversies at Vienna

[flickr style=”width: 300px;”]photo:4508251751(medium)[/flickr] The Law, Ethics and Photography. Curated by Daniel Girardin, Christian Pirker and Andreas Hirsch. Around one hundred photos drain energy out of me in less than two hours. Most of the work have been the subject of intense controversy or legal proceedings. Shocking, disturbing, amazing, border less, Pulitzer price, censorship, law and […]

Joan Jiko Halifax

[flickr style=”width: 300px;”]photo:2618158961(medium)[/flickr] Yesterday I had great opportunity to hear a lecture from world known Zen Buddhist roshi, anthropologist, ecologist, civil rights activist, hospice caregiver and the author of several books on Buddhism and spirituality. I see her as a person with great positive energy which is definitly required within her work. I just want […]


[flickr style=”width: 300px;”]photo:4445370952(medium)[/flickr] This week I had opportunity to hear lectures about latest trends and discovery in neuroscience – multiple complex, schizophrenia, autism, Parkinson, … Nice to get an update in this field.

Day in spa

[flickr style=”width: 300px;”]photo:4441554166(medium)[/flickr] Hanging out with a friend in one of local spa resort.