Eight days later

[flickr style=”width: 300px;”]photo:3367781147(medium)[/flickr] Eating first lunch after fasting. Amazing experience, time to deal with self and emotions regarding food. Unbelievable how much time is devoted to food. Repeating “body restart session” in the autumn.

Effective emotional triggers

Fear: Fear is an emotion that can be used in a wide variety of marketing messages. Insurance companies often appeal to the emotion of fear with messages like “Don’t get caught with too little insurance.” Guilt: Consumers are easily affected by messages that trigger emotions of guilt. Nonprofit organizations use the guilt trigger effectively in […]

Buying a new grandmother?

[flickr style=”width: 300px;”]photo:2288551008(medium)[/flickr] Google era economy demand quick-satisfy downgrade change in our value system. User experience is adopting to free information and services where value of a good is mixed more than ever. We are simply not used to repair broken toys / gadgets any more but we simply buy a new one. Kids are […]

@ last

[flickr style=”width: 300px;”]photo:3230144538(medium)[/flickr] We got some snow in neighbourhood.

The decade according to nine year olds

We are running out of resources. We need to recycle. Trees are dying. Michael Obama is first black president. Michael Jackson is biggest star. I am afraid of terrorists … Ten Years – Ten Stories

Bookshelf migration

After waiting and hoping that bookshelf service will eventually get better I decided to switch books to new service. Even there is some export / import option I spend few hours to settle it. New service, Goodreads.com, gives much more than the old one, Anobii and hope to get the best out of it.